Nurses To Stay Fit and Healthy
Nurses To Stay Fit and Healthy

Nurses To Stay Fit and Healthy

Nurses advise their patients about the benefits of staying healthy. But more often than not, nurses compromise their health for the service of others.

Unhealthy work schedules, overtime, lack of sleep, and work stress impact their health in all the wrong ways. This detrimental effect often becomes long-lasting and demonstrates itself through various diseases if nurses don’t take any remedial measures.

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With time, their unhealthy habits lead to reduced job satisfaction, lack of interest in work, absenteeism, and lack of self-esteem— in short, “burnout.”

In the nursing profession, burnout is becoming a matter of concern. It is causing numerous nurses to leave this profession. According to a survey conducted by Incredible Health— a staffing firm— approximately one-third of nurses are planning to quit by the end of 2022. Therefore, measures must be taken to diminish this problem. Nurses can fight burnout and its effects on their job by staying healthy and fit— here is how they can do it